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About Us

Jacob Feldman, the founder of Anything Speaker, has initiated a new era in the realm of audio experiences. Our family-owned company, born from a deep understanding of music and innovative technology, is the creator of the revolutionary mini Bluetooth speaker.

With bone conduction technology at our helm, we defy traditional sound delivery. We transform the commonplace into speakers - a wooden table, a glass window, even a cardboard box. The mini Bluetooth speaker brings about a rich, 360-degree audio journey wherever it's applied.

Our dedication to exceptional customer service mirrors our family-run ethos. Our team is here to guide and support your experience with Anything Speaker.

With Anything Speaker, your audio experiences are transformed. Our mini Bluetooth speaker makes the world your personal soundscape.

Having launched on Amazon at the end of 2022, Anything Speaker continues to pioneer the global stage of innovative audio experiences.

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